Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movement and Novelty. How the Visual-Spatial Learner learns.

That makes sense now. Movement and novelty. When Ben was little, he would look out the window at the trees blowing in the wind (we were in Kansas,it happened a lot), the fans in church...I was hurt because he wouldn't look at my face. It is kinda boring...

So here is a three part series of you-tube videos that deserve wider distribution. So come on people, use these links! (All 5 of you, kindly!)

I constantly ride the line between Ben having a disability, and having a gift. This teacher/VSL learner is just so descriptive today he moves it to gift.

The kid that gets me the most is the high school kid ready to give up because he is just tired of trying to learn the way the teachers learn. Look at his art-work. Imagine him expecting that kind of ability from his teachers. It's easy for him, just as their subjects are easy to them.
Imagine him not being able to understand why they can't get art they way he does. Imagine him being this way towards them every day of their lives for 6 hours a day.


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trainspotter said...

This is an interesting video series. I too ride the line of 'disability' v.s. 'gift'... although I tend to ride the line harder one way or the other depending on my perspective de jour.

It really is all in how you look at it, what "the rules are" and how one operates in relationship to those rules. Curse or blessing? One day it's one, the next day the next. Hmmmm.