Thursday, November 3, 2011

#Homeschool Science and Environment Ideas...Websites

I am looking at these to add to the   website that I volunteer for.  Ms. Arlene is a jewel, and started the site herself.  I just help a little.  There are more science sites there!

You may find some helpful, some may appeal to a younger or older child. (physics + math) Science hobbyist (environmental, green) grade school,” echo the bat” Gorgeous pictures taken with microscope + nova alien worlds Find NASA stuff by grade,subject, etc. education resource directory Lemelson center of invention National history museum labs. periodic table of elements and info Nuclear energy fun for amateur scientists—gr 6-12 adult sup. Science exper 6-12gr adult sup Mad scientist with a sense of humor. Gr 3-8 ?
periodic table of elements and info presented visually—unique! Upper grades Science misconceptions REALLY GEEKY   Part of Science Friday in the news.

Now, here is a website that has lots of links that appear to be good:     Click on science mouse, and there is a whole page of science related websites that I haven't looked through, yet...

I hope y'all enjoy this Science Friday!


Happy Elf Mom said...

That's a ton of links! I will have to check some of them out and see if they are on Emperor's level. :)

Anonymous said...

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usethebrainsgodgiveyou said...

Anonymous, if you are spam, you guys are getting pretty classy. If you are not, thanks.