Friday, November 25, 2011

Teaching Math without Words...

Amazing, amazing approach to those who learn in pictures.  I'd like to study this further if I could.  Benny's troubles were in math, I remember him coming home and sobbing, "I'm stupid!"  We had been so hard on him, making sure he completed homework, like it was more important than him.  He still was echolalic, and unable to freely answer a question.  He was very, very language delayed. He just didn't get math, and my baby thought he was stupid.  His kindergarten teacher had told him "Boy, numbers sure don't like to stay in your head."  His first grade teacher...well, I'm sure she was very frustrated. 

We found out later, he thought in pictures.  Like many kids labelled dyslexic.  Like many who suffer for their difference.  (Learning Disabilities can be deadly...

The TED clip below is very interesting.  Dr. Matthew Peterson has developed a way of teaching math without words.  He was quite dyslexic himself. 

What if, what if it's "too hard" for teachers to teach this way?  Will they be "teaching disabled"?

I just bought this book by the Dr.'s Eide, which is where I found the film.

Dr.'s Brock and Fernette Eide have a website here, which is quite heartening, and they were still pretty approachable, but that's before the book came out.  There have been wonderful discussions I've taken part in there.. 
The thing I like about today's websites is they are all about changing the world for our kids, not the other way around.  They, because of past experience, or present desire, try to see the world from the kiddo's eyes.

We put so much pressure on some kids to learn the way we teach, when it is only effective 20% of the time.  They are babies.  It's cruel.  Where is our empathy?

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