Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is Carly real?? Skeptics are all agog....

I don't know anything about this page, or the JREF forum, but it appears to be for skeptics.  This note  by Schrodinger's Cat, who I do not know of either, shows they appear to have done her/his homework before shooting from the hip.

Here's some statements by her mom on carly's background. She states she did not suddenly
learn to do this, her family has been working with her since she was a small child to get her to this point. I think that is where the confusion lies. The news program I think wanted to make it seem more "miraculous" to make it more exciting, so they presented the story in such a way where it seems like one day this girl just sat down at a laptop out of the blue and could do this. But the way the parents tell it...yes it was only recently that she was able to communicate to this degree, which surprised them, but they have spent the last 9 years trying to teach her how to do so.

“Hello everyone --this is Tammy, Carly's mom …. What Carly is doing is not, and has never been FC or facilitate communication. What she has learned to do has been the result of years and years of effort, starting with a Dynavox machine, moving to a Springboard and then a lightwriter. She just prefers the laptop because it makes her look like everyone else who has a laptop. Even before the Dynavox, we had binders and binders of laminated sheets with Mayer Johnson picture symbols on them and the words below. We have always gone under the assumption that she was understanding and since she was so good at navigating her communication binders, we knew she was heading in the right direction from early on --we just never knew it would lead to such a sophisticated level of output. For the record, we may be sitting beside her when she types, or she sometimes kicks us out of the room when she wants to be alone, but we NEVER guide her hand over the letters --what would be the point of that? FC was debunked years ago. Independence for Carly has always been the goal in everything she does, from getting dressed to feeding herself to communicating to us. I hope that clears up any confusion.”

"When she was 2, we starting with PECS --did picture exchanges for every imaginable item under the sun. Many of the games I bought her had to do with reasoning and logic and were highly visualy in nature - memory games, sequencing, matching -- these were with pictures, words, numbers, etc. We had visual schedules (with the words underneath) for everything she had to do --gettng dressed, using the bathroom, tidying up, meals, going outside, etc. The whole house was also labelled -- my son went crazy with the label maker. Every item was stickered. We then moved to communication binders --we started that by category --food, acitivities, clothes, weather, feelings, etc. She never got to do what she wanted until she used the communication binders to show us. These were laminated sheets we made up with the mayer johnson picture symbols in them as well. We kept that going for a long time and all this time her ABA programs were also teaching her how to spell and read. We created stories for her using the mayer johnson software and didn't just read them to her --she was looking at the pages as well.We kept the binders for ease of use and portability but we were also learning about augmentative communication devices since it was clear her apraxia was so severe. We also taught her some sign language but realized that while we understood the signs, most of the world did not and so that was not going be to a functional option for her. The first machine was a Dynavox, the second was a Springboard and the third was a lightwriter which we used in conjunction with her laptop. We thought she would like the lightwriter better but she preferred the laptop even though it is more cumbersome --but it is what other kids have and that is a concern to …. Hope that helps.”

Hearing it explained this way I think makes it seem much more probable.

 Here is the video that caused the firestorm.

I find most skeptics amusing. They are lazy thinkers. Nobody listened when the father said it took thousands of hours of ABA and therapy.  They just looked at the pretty pictures, and didn't actually see her type, so they didn't actually believe.

As a teacher once of a young man with Neurofibromatosis and concommitant autism with no speech who began talking at the age of 12....that stuff happens, and it is real.  And kids are not passive observers of their environment.  They may be bored as hell, but they are paying attention.

OH,God, I just thought....did anyone think to ask her if she had a theory of mind??



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