Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why I love art and Hugh Macleod

My message:

On Jan 31, 2012, at 10:55 AM, Rose wrote:

> What would you charge a simple woman to put a one of your works on her blog?
> I really, really like the "if in doubt, love"-- for my son and kids like him
who are brilliant square pegs trying to be fitted into round holes. I used to
think love was not enough and he needed all this dumb-ass therapy...but I was a
fool. I just want to remember that.
> I can only afford about $10, but your karma would increase by unfathomable
amounts. Try it and see :)
> Rose
> aka Raggette.blogspot.com

Response email message:

Dear Rose

You may use it on your blog as long as you credit Hugh and link to
gapingvoid.com & the piece on gapingvoidart.com - I am attaching a small GIF
here for you to use (rather than using a blurry screen grab).


Thanks for asking.

Here is what Hugh said about this particular piece:

Love is the easiest thing in the world to do, until it isn't. Until we get overwhelmed by "Stuff". The black lines in the cartoon represent overwhelming "Stuff". The red lines represent "Love", fighting like hell to keep alive, in spite of overwhelming odds. We've all been there....

Now ain't that nice?  What I love about Hugh's work is it makes me think.   His work is the epitome of  "to thine own self be true".  He just puts himself out there, and people like it, think he's cool.  Ben and I first came across his work ten years ago when Ben was about 8 years old.  He had a business card  sized cartoon that said, "We need to talk...then you need to shut up!"  with his classic  stylized figures and forms.  Gave Ben and I the snorts and we loved it!  Just recently, somebody tweeted something he did and I was all like, "BEN, IT'S THAT GUY!"  So distinctive.  Must be cool to find a hook that makes you unforgettable, and to give people such joy. The guy is brilliant, not in his complexity, but his simplicity. Lots of people chillin' cause of his example.

I get his work sent to me by email daily.  I really look forward to it because he has such heart.  You can subscribe by going here http://www.gapingvoidart.com/about-gapingvoid/    see the subscribe button (purple) on the bottom of the page.and get your own daily cartoon.  Like class for poor folk.  Still...if I save up...I could have me one of these babies on my wall...

When Bennie was little, he used to make the coolest cartoons.  We've saved some, but the best got lost in moving, cleaning, etc.  They were cool vignettes of life, a picture telling a thousand words...I loved them.  When I see people who use this gift, it just makes me so happy that we aren't all the same, aren't cookie cutter factory workers.

Thanks, Hugh.

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We love you Hugh, even if it is just a coincidence!!!!! School was so hard for him, you were a bright star in a dark sky!