Wednesday, May 30, 2012

When did love become so complicated? (Or, why I am losing my mind...)

Instead of "observing" , why not find out what clicks, what works?  When you are so busy recording, how are you going to experiment with rewards, something that has meaning to the child? Will you miss the joy in their eyes? How are you going to reach their hearts?  Maybe it's just me.

There is a coldness to psychology, in inverse proportion to feeding the soul.  The colder they are, the less they feed the soul.  Children aren't animals.  Children rise to expectations.  What about their needs?

Aggressive behaviors,  I understand.  That is something to be figured out.  Tread gently enough not to trigger it needlessly. It can't be rewarded.  Your rights end where another's begin. Self-harm? Something to be studied ...why do feelings cause such intense reactions?  It's too hard, I guess. Desperate parents will go to any lengths to end these two. (The degree of intensity of self-harm/aggression is something seldom discussed among the noveau autistics.  I guess it isn't permitted in polite company. Forgive me, but I can see cases where electric shock would be preferable to pulling one's esophagus out, or cracking one's skull. But not for forgetting to bring a pencil or getting lost in one's own train of thought, with untrained, possibly criminal workers hired on the cheap.  Nice circus freak show interior designers, though, Dr. Israel.  Just adds to the surrealism of the abuse.)  There has got to be a better way.

 But Echolalia?? And Eye Contact? 

Interventions...seem so fear-based, like a screaming beacon:  not normal, not normal. The idealized child is the goal, not the child before you.  We have gained enough knowledge from the Noveau Autistics that we can't deny awareness of their differences that need to be respected.  They are the cold to the more disabled autistic's pneumonia. They open a door we would be wise to look into. While some are busy trying to "cure" autism, they are busy trying to help us understand it.

There is not wisdom, only polarization.  The children are the losers.  A billion dollars down the drain ( do not look at the man behind the curtain, busily spinning tales.)  Who has been helped? We all know whose quality of life increases....

I am ashamed to admit my faith.  To many, it makes me ignorant.  Oy, whatever.  Open the eyes of my heart, the eyes of my heart.

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