Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some Cloudy Day...

Sometimes I put music on the blog so I can find it.  This is not a blog, it is a notebook of ideas and feelings.  I wish I could say what has been going on, but my heart is sad...

And there is nothing I can do, but try...and hope. If you like Leo Kottke and have over twenty minutes to might like this. He tells an amazing story at 18:09, and music follows, attempting to tell the story also.

Oh, well, it's not available, so here is just the one:  He always smiles at "and you remained..." and it makes me smile.  When we have one who stays, it is all worth it.

I found a copy on you tube.  Here it is.  It's called "Across the Street", and you can hear the story and the music on the video.

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