Saturday, January 25, 2014

When I was a child...

When I was a child
Sometimes my father drank too much
And demon alcohol took over
for a spell.

He'd start cussing,
Accusing Mom of things she'd
Never do
And I prayed to God
That he'd go straight to hell.

But one day I'd had enough
I went downstairs
With all my guts,
And told him he knew it wasn't true.

And he looked at me,
Was quiet
And on that day I knew
That bullies are afraid
of little children.

Now Dad is gone, I've been there
When the booze would make me mean
And I don't judge,
He did the best he could.

But I'll always thank him
For the lesson I learned that day:
There's power in the truth
In Children's eyes.

I still use it when I can,
this power of truth
When bullies try
To take on those I love.

Because I'd slain a dragon
With only childish bravery--
How much more now my heart
Has grown so strong?

So you may feel
You have the right
To pick on those I love--
but believe me,
You won't have it long...

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