Monday, March 24, 2014

Chutzpah...Aspergers Experts Who Actually Have Aspergers.

The nerve of these young guys...getting in on the Autism Gravy Train. Actually, I kind of admire them, and hope they help kids.  They are very good, and very sincere.

 I've watched a few of their movies on You-tube and subscribed to their channel and sent it on to Ben.  I LIKE what they have to say.  I'm so tired of psycho-babble experts!

Warning, they will give 5 hours of "expert advice" for a wee cost of $1300.  That is almost exactly the amount we paid Dr. "Saint Luke", Ben's psychiatrist who also was ADHD and a Godsend (Ben wanted to be a pyschiatrist for a little bit because of him), but insurance paid. Still, they offer a lot for free.  It's just common sense. 

You can get a pretty good idea of their ideas by going to their you-tube channel. I subscribed here

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