Thursday, November 12, 2015

Se conoscete qualche italiani che vogliono saperne di più su Dislessia...

The title says, "If you know any Italians who want to learn more about Dyslexia..."

I do closed captioning for Dyslexic Advantage because they give me hope.  Big Hope!

I just got done closed captioning this video in English.  I noticed it was available, closed captioned, in Italian.  Some of their videos are available in Spanish, and in Japanese.  Dr.'s Brock and Fernette Eide are very good people who work with kids with Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities. Their eldest son, Kirstin, is also quite Dyslexic, and was homeschooled since second grade.  He is an accomplished artist, at age 19, and only really began at age 14. Their daughter, Karina, was also Dyslexic. Sadly, she passed away, but they offer the Karina Eide Writer's Award in her memory. They are quietly people of faith, which I never knew until she passed. That's pretty unusual among scientists. She is a neurologist, and he is a M.D.

They started a clinic, and became inspired by the fact that so many of their patients parents also had trouble in school. didn't seem to affect the parents because so many were very, very successful in their chosen professions. They figured there must be more to Dyslexia that just the "disability".  There must be advantages.  So they started looking closely, and figured some things out.  Then they wrote the book, Dyslexic Advantage.

This You-tube video goes into some of the science that helped them to write the book.  They are looking to prove that Dyslexia gives it's bearer decided advantages. They also attempt to ask parents and teachers to build up those advantages, those strengths---even over attempting to remediate the disability it is in school. It's the best way of looking at it I have come across. We have known over 100 years that intelligence was not evidenced from this quote from the first documented case of congenital "word blindness", as Dyslexia was previously called, in 1896 in the Lancet.


Here is a video that will welcome you, hopefully, as it did me, to a new way of seeing your child. I think it is a better way...and I am lucky to have met up, somehow, with the Eides.  It has been over 5 years that I have been learning from them.  This was the beginning...

Much luck and love in your adventure!

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