Saturday, June 2, 2012


"Long after the "experts" are will still be your child's parent.   So, I'd follow expert advice ONLY if they plan on being there for your kid. Forever.  For my money, give me some good old fashioned common sense.  Oh, wait....that's free."

The thing about false hope is, it's better than no hope at all.  AND, sometimes those who label it false are wrong. They'll still be calling it false when the healed person is standing right before their eyes.  Doubting Thomas's, I'd say...or maybe blind.
Why do doctors get so pissed at snake oil salesmen, when they are taught in medical school that 90% of their patients could be cured by placebo?  Getting in on their take?
Why don 't neurologists admit they are in way, way, way over their own heads?
Many atheists worship Richard Dawkins.  He believes there is a possibility that we are here because we were "seeded" by aliens.  PROVE IT!  Jesus, ....I mean, oops, sorry.  At least get someone reasonable like Carl Sagan.  That guy was a Christ figure if I ever saw one.  His highest belief seemed to be love.  Dawkins is just a prick.  I mean, he's like the Ratzinger of Atheicism.

It's a gift to be simple.  I keep trying to tell myself that....

Well, now...y'all may or not know that I love to have at least one picture on each of my posts.  Ben is a visual learner.  I know a picture can tell a thousand words.  I feel too guilty, often, when I see something I really love not to give the artist credit.  I tried to be an artist for 10 years.  It taught me so many things about visual thinking, which  came in handy for Benno.  I googled  "simple gifts" and then hit the images button.  Yeah, yeah, whatever, nice, yeah...WOW, look at this!   This is a painting, not a picture, in case you are wondering.  I love windows as images.

So anyhow, I thought I'd ask the author of this image for permission to post it.  Bless his heart, Carroll Jones III (Click on name to see his website) gave permission.  He is an artist in New Jersey.  The original of this painting sold for a lot of moolah twenty years ago.  And here it is now, on my blog, with the artist's permission.  Life is good.

He said it was the first time he would look at a blog-post.  I feel real unworthy..

He also suggested Aaron Copeland's "Simple Gifts" from Appalachian Spring

Performed live by Sydney Camerata Chamber Orchestra at Paddington Uniting Church, Sydney.