Sunday, August 25, 2013

The right brained thinker is a myth

I won't even give this somewhat stress producing answer a link, but I must thank the writer, who solidified my answer to the left brained/ right brained quandary. To put it kindly, she ticked me off! Her answer is in blue

The 'right brained thinker' is a myth... learning disabilities have to do with synaptic connectivity in regions associated with the task, not 'hemispherical' learning.
All of life entertains dichotomy...and in that dichotomy, preference or choice.@#$%^, you answer is decidedly left brained, which is tyrannical, and will not allow the egoless right brain to entertain ideas.

I was attempting to be an artist, with my scientific/mathematical mind 15 years ago when my son was about age 3...and underwent actual exercises to "activate" my right mind,(see Betty Edwards book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, based on Bergland's science) which had no sense of time, no language,...and in that found correlations to my son's way of thinking, of being. He was diagnosed with Semantic/Pragmatic disorder, a language disorder, similar to autism. Language is primarily learned through the left brain, in essence, with concomitant interstitial input from the right. In Dr. Bolte Taylor's insight above, she describes the right brain as "in the NOW, picture and kinesthetic oriented".

That is so strange, because, that is EXACTLY how I had to teach my 3 year old son, who could not answer the question, "What is your name?", who didn't know the difference between "yes" and "no", who in fact had no functional language except to name nouns (which could be visualized "pictorially", ie, he had a picture of them in his mind). We literally used a curriculum of daily presentation of non-noun words (using Catherine Maurice's book, Behavioral Interventions for Young Children with Autism..if I remember the name correctly) which showed him in black and white representational pictures (Pec's Symbols from his speech therapist) for two hours a day over a year. That's 700 hours of therapy, besides the speech and OT he got at school for 6 years. By age 10, he was able to talk somewhat freely without using memorized scripts (from t.v. shows he watched repeatedly to teach himself language) or echolalia. It bothers me considerably when people say there is no left brain/ right brain preference or difference. You are saying what I did for my son was useless, his difference does not exist.