Thursday, December 10, 2020

Automotive Upholstery Foam Shaping, Welting, Boxing

Getting Crown using dacron. Also,tip: only use staples for fabric to wood. Don't staple dacron to wood.

Upholstery tips:

Upholstery: button tufting, esoecially channel backs:

Piping perfection: here

Friday, November 6, 2020

Mustang TMI Seat Upholstery 1965-1968 Installation

Listing rod attachment to listing rod in foam that is attached to the frame starts around 4:00

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bucket Seat Covering Tips and Tricks Classic Car

protecting edges of metal against foam using packing cushion foam.
 Gorgeous seat covers. 

Seat cover set: from Mac's Antique Auto Parts:

Boxed cushion without piping

Listing wire to spring bed

Can you sew with fishing line?

Nice view of different types of Bonnie Grey seats:

Rigid and Flexible listing wire:

Nice grey seats with piping

NIce looking seats, No piping....ladder stitch?  see close up of upholstery:

Lots of visuals on attachment:

Bolster wire attachment with zip ties, then hog rings:  using blue jean material and wire hangers for attachment (listing wires) make sure to surge (?) top of listing wire to fabric:

Sailrite:  fixing french seams with good visual of  ladder stitch in leather

Sailrite: Selecting the right thread

Max's auto parts: Ford Model A upholstery kit: