Saturday, May 28, 2011

the Autism Industry

I remember hearing once that it costs $50,000 a year to raise a child with autism.  We all know that's a bit delusional.  You can raise any kid for free, unless they have medical problems (life know what I'm saying--hospitalilizaton, etc.) or if they are beyond the reach of their parents (institutionalization at $80,000 bucks a pop) or if they are being treated to a special form of ABA only available from PhD's ($100,000 bucks a pop), or possibly a special school which teaches to the childrens learning style at say about $20,000 bucks a pop.

Gee...what did they do in the old days?  How were autistics even able to survive??  Or is autism a new phenomina (which I have every reason to doubt).

I'm kinda raising my son for free, outside the confines of the industry, even of the great American Education system, since they don't seem to like the way he's wired without the use of psychostimulants..  I know how to pinch a penny!--I don't even use drugs!! Well, I use drugs, but I don't use them on my son.  If he wants to use them later on, he may choose to, and that's his decision. The world of grown-ups is hard to take cold-turkey.  My favorite drug includes tequila and lime.

There is a recent upsurge in autism traits among kids who are in the regular classroom, who recieve NO special education. 

Remember how the rise in autism was attributed to the fall in Intellectual Disabilities??  I have no doubt that kids who were once labled learning disabled but intelligent...will now be labeled autistic.  Also, let the really shy, really sensitive but smart introverts join them.  You know, the geeks. Come one, come all, to the autism parade!  Bring your wallets!

Let me reiterate....raising my son for free.  Oh, my God, I'm so scared he's not going to turn out okay without professional intervention...not!  That little son of a gun has the wit of a Robin and furious.  He's survive, if he can find his place.  We all survive if we can find our place, wouldn't you agree? He may be an auto mechanic, an electrician, a welder....or he may invent a new type of energy made cheaply and cleanly from hydrogen and steam.  He's been talking about it for years.  He'll study up on it instead of taking Social Skills (tm?) classes.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  It's taken me years to get here.

I just googled "autism industry".  Below are some results.  I've tried not to copy any similar links, but it's a slip shod effort that I will get back to.

(William Stillman keeps coming up.  I don't think these are the same posts, but they may be.)

Well, google just quit on me.  Guess it's a sign.

Common Sense. 

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