Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now what was I saying

before I was so rudely interrupted by Blogger's hiccup??

I know there were pictures:

Oh, yeah. Went to see about getting Ben's G.E.D. So he can get his license to drive. You would not believe the red tape. It's like it's an exclusive club. I could see the Matron of all things GED was not going to let me in easy. Riff-raff, that's what we are. Jesus, no wonder people don't try. It's been bureacratized to the nth degree. The secretary, who had warm eyes, implied I should call her later.

Ben was so upset. It's like, ya let me down mama. So I go to the web page for the tech school, and in careful reading I notice there is a way. His belief in me is justified. Mama can pull it out!!!

I figured it out for Ben, he can go to college. Without a GED or a high school diploma...with a handful of technical courses. The very course he would take if he went to Southern Crescent Technical College post graduation/GED.

Now, my baby loves all things train...and Griffin is a train town.  Everywhere you go there are tracks, or pictures of trains, the damn school is named after  the Southern Amtrak railway line, named after a previous steam line.  How nice!!

Coincidence? Maybe...I ain't gonna tell Ben that! It's all for you, baby!!!

The next picture is my half-assed rendering of Temple Grandin. You get the idea.

So anyways, in the last Temple book I read, the word according to St. Temple says that in many cases what is seen as autism today was once described as "gifted". And I'm thinking, yeah, or nerd, or geek, 'tis true! The other thing she said, and why I am writing this today is when she was talking about teasing in the book of The Way I See it, she says:

When I was in high school, being teased was torture. Teenagers wer hyper-social beings I did not understand. I think that some autistic or Aspergers level students who are capable of doing college level work need to be removed from the difficult high school scene. Let them take a few courses at a community college or university. Parents often ask about age restrictions at the college; I learned a long time ago it is better not to ask. Just sign up the student.

The word according to Temple. Let me hear an A-men!

So we're going to be starting Tech school on July 6th. 

GED's are for sissies...

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r.b. said...

This post gets an A+ in my book. It made Ben laugh, and Daddy said it was "real good."

Thank God for critics...