Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strange Story about Ballastexistenz

My son has always HATED me talking about him and autism online.  I have wasted hours and got about 2 people to listen to me.  But the drive-by googles are nice.  I look at them and think...maybe I've planted  a seed.

So anyhow, I was totally amazed when he arrived at Amanda Baggs's blog, Ballastexistenz.

"Is she okay?" he asks.

I had just become aware of the politics going down a year after the fact.  I may be stupid, but I'm slow, too.

I tried to explain what went on to the best of my ability, but when it came right to it, I remember how much I learned from Amanda, and how I sensed she was a really kind person, if somewhat exasperated at times.

"Yeah.  Yeah, she's okay."

As far as I know, from what he has revealed to me, she is the only person labelled autistic that he has listened to.  I try not to interfere with his travels on the web.  Figure he has to learn somehow, and he's been pretty careful.  So for him to even have brought this up was interesting.

She is okay.  We've got a lot to learn.

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