Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The visual-spatial learner

Don't try to get this book online.  It's going for $125 to $300.  Seems parents are looking for answers for their quirky kids rather than mental illness.  I don't know or Dyslexia considered a disability, mental illness, or a learning difference?  I have never seen a book be raised up so high.  It used to be when you looked up visual-spatial, the "a" word came up.  Not anymore.

Uta Frith of "theory of mind" bull fame, is looking for a disclaimer now.  Seems too many kids are falling into the label , and she is looking for a "cognitive difference" to explain it rather than mental illness.  Maybe she see's the writing on the wall, and doesn't want to fall from grace.  Honey, all ya gotta do is make one up!  I sent her info on the VS learner, but I think she's too dense to get it.  No...not too dense...too much of her ego is involved, and we can't have that dissonence inside our heads.  WE are looked upon as a world authority. (She's on Wiki, for God's sake!) How is it possible to change our minds? (How, in this case, is it human not to?)

The really smart ones start off different.

By the way, you can get Uta's book for $5.

I'm jus' sayin....

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