Saturday, May 14, 2011

I really believe in God

In goodness.  There have been FAR TOO MANY coincidences in my life to attribute to luck.  I grew up Roman Catholic with all the hero worship (saints) that implies,  and the tremendous catholic sense of guilt that goes with it (our sins killed Jesus!). I can tell you within an inch of my life,that the RCC  heirarchy is not God.  And He is pissed~!

I believe goodness, kindness--I believe that's how he manifests himself.  Through humans. It's as though there is a slipstream we can connect to, but only through love. God is love.

I believe in heaven. I believe our ancestors are alive...somewhere. Creation is far too vast to be just us, just now. And there are far too many manifestations of spirit, to not have a place. There are worlds we can't imagine, possibly within the confines of where we are now.

I believe in magic, or miracles, or both...they aren't mutually exclusive. Nor are they the same.

I believe I'll stop now. 

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Dan Riley said...

Just getting to visit your blog for the first time. Sorry it's taken so long, but there really is an overwhelming amount to read out there...and that doesn't even count the time it takes to write. I'm flattered that you've become a fan of Church of Dan, especially since it seems we have pretty different takes on such things as heaven. Only goes to show what open hearts and minds can come to. Best of luck with this...