Sunday, June 5, 2011

Box? What Box?

I absolutely love this guy. He is a blogger on Daily Kos, which is how I became aware of him. This link refers to the title of this post.
His mother developed a school for him...Peter is very lucky in that he had parents who believed in him at a time when "different" children were often discarded. When his mother was told told he would never learn anything or have a normal life, and that she should send him away? She ignored the "experts," instead founding an amazing school for special children to properly educate her son.
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How many kids suffer because they learn different? How many PhD's parents were told as children they would never amount to anything? Anybody care to guess?? I believe in my son profoundly, and the more b*&^%$#@! I come across from experts, the more powerful my belief becomes. It's not that he's come so's that I have!

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