Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving back to refrigerator mothers...Simon Baron Cohen

Has anyone ever heard this quote?

Maybe you can  tell me how it goes.  I found it in a newspaper, about the time I went to college.  I cut it out and kept it in my pocketbook for YEARS.

I've never been able to attribute it to anyone.  Last time I looked was about a year ago. 

Well, here goes....from a 35 year old memory.

Once unburdened of self defense,
The mind becomes open and receptive to love.
The militancy which marked one disappears. One begins to
Look as a child does, before he is told what to see.

Don't let them do it to us again.  We have the strength of our own hearts.  They are trying to tell us we are so evil that our children have no empathy.  Don't let them go there.  You don't have to be defensive, in fact, they are hoping you are, because it makes you look more guilty.

When modern voodoo has nothing better to do, or if they think they are losing a toe-hold in the "real science" world of made up ideas---they blame the mother.  Now, it's autism.  Later, it'll be something else.  For SBC to say children with autism have zero empathy is just another example of  making mother's monsters, so they, as mother surrogates, can do cool things like use ice picks on brains and dangerous drugs ON BABIES.  OH WAIT, THEY ALREADY DO THAT!!!!! Honest to God, a mother I spoke to was told to put her 2 year old on ritalin if her active child wanted to attend a catholic day care center. All the other parents were drugging their kids. So Sayeth A NUN!

They have infiltrated even the catholic church.  I was born and raised a catholie, and I'd a bet my life a nun wouldn't got there, but one did.

                                                    Who would Jesus drug, sister?

Don't look Mrs. C-------------------------------------------------------------------------eff em.

Eff them and the horse they rode in on, as Saint Rags would say.  Do not be defensive.  Be dismissive.  They are full of Shinola.  An expert is only an expert if he finds someone to believe him.  You did nothing to make your child learn different.

"Lookie heah" (as Miss Deborah used to tell me) you got 2 eyes, two ears, two hands, two butt cheeks, two feet, two nostrils, two chins (if you're me) two elbows... well, you get the idea.  You even got 2 brains---a left side and a right side. Except for scientist....they only have a left side.  It's a pitiable condition, but I digress....

Now if you have a child who is left handed---it's no big deal.  If you have a child who has epilepsy--you treat it with medicine.  But kid's hands used to be tied behind their backs if they were left handed so they could learn the "correct way".  They were shamed and referred to as SINISTER, another word for evil.  Epilepsy...evidence that the child had allowed the devil in.  DEMON POSSESSION.  So kids who learn differently must be the new demon-possessed, and only drugs will help.

None of these things are from God, if you read your bible.  Because, well, they are based on FEAR.  These are children, for God's sake, not demons! They need your love and understanding.  Not drugs, not have been fully equipped to raise a child on your own.  Society, especially medicine...and especially especially Psychiatry have no right to tell you how to do it right...and least of all to take your children from you as they perceive you must be doing it wrong.  Plus that, they are mean son's o' b*tches...drugs, shock, slaps, cutting brain tissue....ain't too many good hearted mothers going there...I've said it and I'll say it again...psychiatry is NOT a science, but egotistical bass-turds making up ideas, and then gossiping about them.  Shame, Shame Simon...without it, fear, you'd have no business.

Madness on the Couch , one story is a mother who allowed her child to be placed in an institution.  It's a good story. 

Blame the victim...a child.
Punish the mother by taking away her self respect, and her child.
The story ends well, she brought her child out of the institution against the advice of Psychiatrists, who wanted to put her on heavy sedation and send her up the river.  Her child is married now, with a child of her own, last I knew.

Not all psychiatrists are demons.  About half are, though.  Just a guesstimate. I can give names if you'd like...but then again, it's only my opinion. I have a deep seated anger at SBC, and it's because he says our kids lack empathy. 

He's lying. 

For the love of your  child, don't let him tell you what to see.

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