Monday, June 6, 2011

Why is our schools failing?

Okay, so we have all of our "hyperactive" children on medication to allow them to sit for hours in schools.  Even if they are only 2 years old.  Check.

Then, we lable kids who "learn outside the lines" as "evil" or "lacking empathy".  Check...future criminals, I'm sure.  Or in the case of my brother, future lawyers...same difference.

Calling all Space are not "brilliant" with your head in the are mentally ill.  (Ouch...that one hits really close to home.) Check.

Teachers come from the bottom of the barrell, in many cases, the lowest third of graduating classes...The bright ones want to make good money on Wall Street.  Check.

You know, I feel like a lobster who jumped out of the pot in time.  Slowly, slowly we have been demonizing, drugging, and boring our children while not taking into account the gifts that they are.

What is the next step?

Have we come to a tipping point?

Are we going to lose a generation of children because we have so tried to cut off their square edges so they will fit in round holes?

Children are to be seen and not heard.

Woe to the child who fits not the mold. Woe to the child who acts like a child.  Woe to the child born in the day of "zero tolerance" of childlike actions...we are all to be born with this "social understanding" and not taught by example. God, I'm glad I wasn't born to this generation.  Hard telling where I'd be.

What kind of example are we?

Our parents used to worry if we were on drugs.  Now we worry if our babies aren't. 

I can't quite put my finger on it........


trainspotter said...

"Our parents used to worry if we were on drugs. Now we worry if our babies aren't."

Brilliant! Be careful though... they'll lock you up if you're too brilliant :)

usethebrainsgodgiveyou said...

Don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind. Luckily, I aint that bright....;D