Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We are so blessed!

We are so blessed to know so many beautiful people.

Daddy taught home school kids at the National Archives in Atlanta. In the two years, we have come to know exceptional children and parents. Many, possibly even a majority of the parents have an education background, and have been or could be public school teachers. We also have another commonality, but nobody talks about it freely. It's not that it's a source of shame, it's just that it's a truth:

Our children are not labels.

God love these kids, they are spectacular. We got all types, Aspies, Dyslexia, and most are GIFTED, in one way or another. School isn't all about grades or sports or being popular, but about using your talents. It's cool. So are they! AND THEY ARE KIND, the best social skill of all.

We went to a play one of the students performed in.

See the young woman, bottom row, second from left? She had 4 parts in the rendition of Julius Cesar by this wonderful group of teens at the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia. It was one of the most memorable plays I have ever seen. She is 15 years old. She will be attending college this year.

She will be playing with the Indigo Girls next month. Did ya hear that? SHE WILL BE AN OPENING ACT FOR THE INDIGO GIRLS in July. They happen to be from Georgia, near where she is from. Her folks have an inside to the "thee-a-terrr" crowd because Dad was a thespian in college.

She's just one of the amazing people we know whose parents believed in them when others might have allowed them to be ostracized. Some kids are just too cool for school. She was just too smart and talented. She is an actress and a folk singer at age 15. Homeschool...ROCKS!!

She is the tiniest thing...but she has a big presence onstage. I've no doubt my Benibar will be just as amazing in his own time. How cool we got to know Miss E!