Monday, June 13, 2011

“I Am Who I Am Because of My Disabilities”:

“I Am Who I Am Because of My Disabilities”: Perspectives of a Resilient Post-Secondary Student by Jason Ford   (click on title to read whole passage)

At that point, I switched high schools. In the new one, I met my new councilor who helped me succeed. The teacher aides were also amazing; they were supportive, funny, understanding, and would give me candy when I asked… Ya, the candy doesn’t seem much looking back, but at the time the small kindness of it all meant a lot.

That year was amazing, in some respects anyways. I didn’t really like high school, but who does? In either case, with the support the school gave me and me finally figuring out that I wasn’t stupid, just different, I was able to achieve the grades I’ve always wanted.

It isn't the student who needs to change. Any teacher worth their salt doesn't just teach to the "easy" ones. That's why it's called a profession. It would be like a doctor only taking patients who weren't sick, and then congratulating himself on his part in their healthiness.

More words for the wise from St. Rags of the Platte, may he be blessed:

He was interviewed on t.v., who knows why...but there I am watching my daddy on the boob-tube.

"What would you say your secret to success is, Mr. B?"

"Well, to be successful, you've got to be yourself.  Don't try to be somebody you're not."

So profound from a bartender, eh?  Not really....just common sense. Common sense that isn't so common, unfortunately.

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