Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Low pan, high glass

Low pan, high glass.

Bear with me here. I have visions, or knowingness. (One woman described it as feeling it in your bones.) A few times in my life it's like the cloud in my mind lifts...and I know . I can't explain it.  When I was 17 I knew I would adopt a child.  Twenty years later, I did.  I knew he would start off slow, but end up very bright.  He started off borderline intellectually impaired, but 4 years later had gained 37 points IQ, hopping from the 8th percentile to the much higher 85th percentile from age 4 to age 8.

In my minds eye, I kept seeing him as the square flat pan, where a normal child was the round clear glass.  His "filling" would not be apparent, or visible, like a normal child. But still, he would be filled!!.  Even though he looked NOTHING like his peers while doing it, and didn't give similar, transparent feedback.

So I'm having him read some very encouraging messages from other square pans and trying to tell him the vision I had of him 9 years ago.  It  has never  gone away.

In my minds eye, I see the glass, and the pan, and a knowingness he is the pan.  I've never looked at this any deeper than that.  It's not like a dream, it's like a nagging thought.

"I've always wondered how much water the pan held. "

I fill it once with the clear glass filled to the rim with water.  It's still got plenty of room.  I fill it again, it is almost exactly double, with a little room to spare.

"Hmm...that's what I figured!"

So now you know.

It's not square peg, round hole.

It's round glass, square pan.  And the square pan holds twice as much.

And I would bet any one of you right now, that my poor little defective child will take care of me financially in my old age.  I don't know that, I'm waiting for the knowing. 

Crazy old fart, ain't I?


Happy Elf Mom said...

Ah, and more than that, we are "filled" with so many things and differing talents. And I think the glass and pan will grow "normally" in differing ways. :)

usethebrainsgodgiveyou said...

>>>And I think the glass and pan will grow "normally" in differing ways. :)<<<

I like that very much! Well put!

ben said...

yeah, you are a crazy old fart. but i love you and the analogy anyway.

Emily Morson said...

Love that metaphor!