Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sorry, this thang is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

What am I supposed to think when a person's first letters of correspondence  to me say FFS? (For &*@!'s sake...)Maybe I shouldn't have answered back wgasl, (who gives a &^%$ lady...).

Was I wrong?  You don't have to answer, it's a hypothetical question.

Who cares about a dumb old meshugana, anyway?

There...I feel better.

Meshugana- a term used to describe a crazy person, as in:
“Oy vey, I don’t want to kvetch, but I can’t believe I have to pick up the kids at Sarah, Rebecca, and Zachary’s houses and then go to the grocery store. Do they think I am some kind of meshugana? I’ll probably see that horrible Brian Goldberg there too. He is such a meeskite. Oh but when I squeeze my kids’ punims, it’s all OK.”


Happy Elf Mom said...

WTFrog on a lily pad is wrong with these people?? Seriously, I would have answered back all kinds of things if I bothered to talk to the person at all...

KWombles said...

Not a very nice way to start an email to someone and a quick way to make sure the communication doesn't go well. I had someone start a tweet that way to me last week.