Saturday, June 25, 2011

What if Gayism was a spectrum?

Instead of a rainbow. A rainbow is a spectrum, but a spectrum is not necessarily a rainbow. I mean, they both have the common Lovaas treatment in psychiatry, but only one still gets it.  Out, damn effeminateness...out damn lack of social skills...I mean, the behaviors are fairly predictable early. And no matter what you do,it's kinda hard to change a child's behaviors.  They are what they are. 

It's got me thinking...(I can hear Ben saying "oh dear God!!")

Are some people severely gay? ( Are those people always the ones who show up for the gay pride parades?) Are others only mildly gay, with only tendencies...and can they pass in the heterosexual world like some auties can in the neurotypical world? Are there people on the gay spectrum who marry the opposite sex and have kids? Would they write books and give seminars on how they became successful in the normal world despite, or maybe because of their gayness? Would Simon-Baron-Cohen come up with an extreme feminine/masculine  hormone theory, and would severely gay children be sent to live in residential schools where they would be punished for their gayistic behaviors?

Why have gays survived the "mental illness " scourge, and not the auties?

Are we all on some type of spectrum and just not been discovered by science?  (Is curmudgeoness a mental illness?  If so, I'm severely so...)

Why do we punish kids for being different, for not fitting expectations, for not fitting the mold we create for them? ( Here kid, here's a box.  It's your job to get in it and LIKE it!  Be thankful to those who help you get in there!)

How lucky for the gays that they escaped the box made for them by the field of psychiatry.  Black men and all women stood together for civil rights.  Maybe gays and auties can stand together for psychological rights, the freedom to be different.  You know, in some ways, I can see that it is already here.

I had a gay cousin who married and had a child.  When he came out of the closet and divorced, his mother could not forgive him. He was the classic effeminate male.

 He became a counselor for parents of gay children, to help those parents accept their children.  He is gone, but his mother sees now the truth of who he was.

Will the parents of our children see the truth?  (Frankly, I think I'm bi-auty.  I go back and forth from being autistic and being typical. Autypical?  )

Maybe, as Ben says, I should keep my thoughts to myself...


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